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Monday, March 9, 2009

LESSON 01 P2 --- Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW)

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Q:1 Answer these questions?

i) Who is the greatest reformer of the world?

Ans: Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) is the greatest reformer of the world.

ii) What did Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) reforms?

Ans: He reformed faith, civilization, politics, judiciary and behaviour of the people of Arabia.
iii) How many people could read or write before the advent of Islam?

Ans: Before the advent of Islam, there were very few people who could read or write.
iv) Who advised the Muslims to get education?

Ans: Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) advised the Muslims to get education.

v) What did Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) dislike?

Ans: Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) disliked arrogance and pride.
vi) Who is father of all the human beings?

Ans: Hazrat Adam (AS) is father of all the human beings.
vii) What is the standard of superiority in Islam?

Ans: Piety is the standard of superiority in Islam.
viii) Who was Hazrat Zainab (RA)?

Ans: She was a cousin of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).

ix) To who was she married?

Ans: She was married to a free slave Zaid bin Harris (RA).

x) Who was Hazrat Salman Farsi?

Ans: He was a slave.

xi) Who was Hazrat Imam Hassan Basri (RA)?

Ans: He was the son of a slave.
xii) Who gave women the right of inheritance?

Ans: Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) gave women the right of inheritance in property and wealth.
Q:2 Fill in the blanks suitable verbs?

i) Without him, the world would not have been proved.

ii) They set themselves to acquire knowledge as a religious obligation.

iii) The Holy Prophet (SAWW) took steps to promote literacy and love of learning.

iv) Before Islam, the Arabs used force to settle their disputes.

v) The Holy Prophet (SAWW) introduced judicial procedure.

Q:3 Encircle the correct answers of the following Multiple Choice Questions?

i) There were very few people who could read or(a) think (b) teach (c) learn (d) write
ii) The idol worshippers of Arabia turned into a _________(a) simple people (b) standard people (c) civilized people (d) clever people
iii) He (SAWW) took steps to promote _______ and love for learning.(a) Country (b) literacy (c) laws (d) business

iv) Laws were made for _______(a) Strangers (b) Women (c) Children (d) Every one
v) On this condition they would get ________(a) Coins (b) promotion (c) freedom (d) education
vi) The Arabs settled their disputes in the earlier days with _____(a) love (b) unity (c) manners (d) sword and violence
vii) They set themselves to acquire knowledge as a religious ________(a) things (b) rite (c) festival (iv) obligation
viii) When the Holy Prophet (SAWW) preached God's message the idol worshippers became?(a) civilized (b) foolish (c) stupid (d) united
ix) The _______ of women were established(a) rights (b) rites (c) writes (d) duties
Q:4 Write "True" or "False"?


(a) The rights of women were established (T)

(b) The Muslims made great progress in every field of life. (T)

© The Arabs turned into a civilized people. (T)

(d) The Holy Quran teaches us brotherhood and honesty (T)

(e) A reformer is one who does not bring about reforms in a society (F)

(f) The Holy Prophet (SAWW) introduced judicial procedure.(T)

(g) After embracing Islam the people became idol worshipper.(F)

(h) If we are united we are weak. (F)

(i) Justice is the golden rule of the Muslim community (T)

(j) The non Muslims worship only one God (F)


Q:5 Match the column "A" with column "B" and write your answer in column "C".

They became a (1)

The earning of money without efforts(3)

The teachings of (2)

Inheritance in property and wealth.(5)

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) was against (3)

Strong Muslim community(1)

Most of the girls were burnt(4)

The Holy Quran inspire us.(2)

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) gave women the right of (5)

Or buried alive in their childhood.(4)

He advised the Muslims (6)

A slave.(10)

He took steps to (7)

Without any discrimination (9)

It was due to his teachings that(8)

The slaves also attained equal rights (8)

They flourished in every walk of life(9)

Promote literacy (7)

Hazrat Salman Farsi(RA) was(10)

To get themselves educated.(6)

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