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Monday, March 9, 2009

LESSON 07 P1 --- Woman Arise

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Nation building is a multi dimensional term, involving the entire nation at all levels. For the past few decades, a remarkable social and political awareness has been awakened particularly among women. There is a visible urge in them to strive for a better life. They are also keen to contribute towards the development of their country and the nation. With the growing economic pressure, the income of a single member is not enough to feed all of the family members. Women are, therefore, keen to find means of adding to their family income. They want to improve the standard of living and ensure better future for their children. For this, the women of our country are making their way into the national stream of progress. Women are working as teachers, professor, doctors, nurses. We see them as specialists in various medical fields. Talented women are working efficiently in PIA, TV and radio as programme organizers, producers, artists writers, newscasters, announcers and comperes. In the field of journalism women are contributing to the national development as editors, correspondents, reporters, feature and column writers.
Many young girls are working in banks, business and insurance companies, and in textile mils. Women have also come forward as social workers. In the field of law, women are working as lawyers and judges in courts. Some energetic young girls have also joined the police force. We have had women politicians as Prime Minister, Education Minister and also as heads of various institutions of the Education Department.
Women of our country are also being self employed. They are running boutiques, manufacturing garments and earning foreign exchange by exporting ready made garments. They are also running private schools and day care centers.
The rural woman has always worked with her male members in the fields. She shares the work of man on equal level. She works from dawn to dusk at home and in the fields. For the development of our country women have to be encouraged to participate and work more for the progress and prosperity of the nation.
Q:1 Answer these questions.
i) Why have women socially and politically aware?
Ans: The political and economic crisis and the fast growing social problems have made women socially and politically aware.
ii) Why do women want to contribute towards the development of their country?
Ans: Women want to contribute toward the development of their country because with the growing economic pressure, the income of a single member has shrunk.
iii) Name at least ten professions in which women are working?
Ans: Nursing, Teaching, programming, Operating, Designing, Sewing, Knitting, Medical Profession, Acting and Journalism.
iv) What is self employment?
Ans: Self employment means to earn a living by working independently of an employer.
v) How are women contributing in the field of journalism?
Ans: In the field of journalism women are contributing as editors, correspondents, reporters, features and column writers.
vi) How do rural women share the burden of their men?
Ans: They share the work of men on equal level. They work from dawn to dusk at home and in the fields.
vii) Why should women work?
Ans: Women should work for themselves, for their men and children. In this
way they can serve their nation and country.
Q:2 Write a paragraph on the life of a woman who is working outside home to earn for their children.
Ans: Mrs. Zahida Malik is our neighbour. She has three children Aslam, Akram and Salma. Aslam reads in class six, Akram reads in class four and Salma reads in class two. Mrs. Zahida Malik's husband is a school teacher. His income is less than his expenditures. So, Mrs. Malik has to work to add to income of her family. She works in an office. She has to go to office at 8 a.m. daily. She has to walk two kilometers daily to re ach her office. Her husband goes to school on his bicycle. He cannot help her because he also has to reach his school daily at 8 a.m. His school is seven kilometers away from his home. Mrs. Malik works from morning till evening. After it, she has to walk to his home because she has not enough money to pay for conveyance. When she comes back home she has to do all home work. She has to serve her children and husband till late at night. She is a great woman. She is working hard for better future of her family.
Some major field and areas where women are working:
Teachers, Professors, School Headmistress or Principals etc.
Medical field
Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory Assistants, Medical Assistants, Surgeons etc.
TV and Radio Programme Organizers, Producers, Directors, Artists, Writers, Newscasters, Announcers, compares etc.
Editors, Feature and Column Writers, Correspondents, reporters, etc.
Crickets, Hockey, Golf, Table Tennis, Yachting etc
Textile Mills, Insurance companies, Banks etc.
Self employment
Boutique, exporting garments etc, foreign exchange, private school.
Law and Judiciary
Barristers, Lawyers, Legal Advisors, Ombudsman etc.
Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Member National Assembly, Member Provincial Assembly.
Rural Field
Farmers, Cultivators, etc.
Q:3 Chose any one area from the list above and write what profession would you like to adopt in life.
Ans: I want to become a doctor. I wish to set a new trend of treatment. We hear a lot about corruption, negligence and rudeness in medical profession. I shall remove all the evils breeding in hospitals and dispensaries. I have determined to serve mankind efficiently in the best interest of humanity. I shall live within my means and try to treat the poor and the needy free of charge. No chowkidar will be asked to stand on the door of my office. People will freely see me and get their treatment. They will not be charged consultation fee Medicines will not be charged very high. I shall be available to the patients round the clock. There will be no hide and seek between us. I shall win their hearts with my treatment towards them. May God enable me to get my ideas into practice. .

Q:4 Read these sentences carefully and write "true" or "false" in the box.

i) Doctors fly aeroplanes. - False
ii) Nurses cannot fly aeroplanes. - True
iii) Teacher can encourage the students to develop self study habits. - True
i) A banker does not work in a bank. - False
ii) A compere is the organizer of a cultural programme. He/she introduces the performer to the audience. - False
iii) People who play games do not study. - True
iv) Men and women in the villages work from dawn to dusk. - False
v) Each one of us must work hard to make Pakistan a great nation. - True
vi) Women cannot do any job except teaching and nursing. - True
vii) Women of our country are taking to self employment. - False



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