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Monday, March 9, 2009

LESSON 16 P1 --- Admission Open

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Admissions Open!
(advertisement in a local English Daily)
Pakistan's oldest and largest Private University
Admission open!
More than 500 Faculty Members

E- Commerce
MS: Master of Science in E-Commerce 16 months programme.
Eligibility: Graduation or equivalent.
More than 800 Computers

Information Technology
BS: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 2 years programme.
Eligibility: Intermediate or equivalent.
9 Libraries with 60,000 books

EMS: Executive Master of Science in Information Technology
1 year Programme
Eligibility: Graduation with 2 years experience.
Over 5000 students enrolled in more than 20 programmes
DIPLOMA in Textile Technology offering: Knitting, Weaving, Leather Technology,
Textile Spinning
1 year programme.
Eligibity: Matriculate or equivalent.

Scholarships awarded to over 2000 students

LAST DATE FOR ADMISSION! 20th February 2009

For further information please contact admission officers:
Lahore Campus: 101 Main Road, X- Block, Garden Town, Lahore.
Islamabad Campus: 1-10/2, House 1-A, Street 10/A, Islamabad.
Karachi Campus: Al-Tayyebah, 1-A, Defence, Karachi.
Peshawar Campus: 81, University Town, Jamshed Road, Peshawar

Q:1 Answer these questions.
i) What is the name of the University?
Ans: The name of the University is "XYZ" University.
ii) What kinds of programmes are offered?
Ans: Courses relating information Technology, E-Commerce and Textile Technology are offered here.
iii) What does MS stand for?
Ans: MS stands for "Master of Science".
iv) How long does the MS Programme last?
Ans: It lasts for 16 months.
v) What does eligibility mean?
Ans: Eligibility means legal qualification, fitness to be chosen.
vi) Who is eligible for EMS programme?
Ans: A graduate having 2 years experience is eligible for admission.
vii) What does Textile technology offer?
Ans: Textile Technology offers knitting, weaving, leather technology and textile spinning.
viii) Who can get admission to do Diploma in Textile Technology?
(a) A person with Matriculation of equivalent Technology?
Ans: A person with Matriculation or equivalent certificate.
(b) A person who has an Intermediate Certificate or anybody with no previous education.
Ans: A person who has an Intermediate Certificate or anybody with no previous education.
ix) How many scholarships are awarded?
Ans: Over two thousand scholarships are awarded to students.
x) How many students are enrolled in 20 programmes?
Ans: Over 5000 students are enrolled in more than 20 programmes.
xi) How many computers does this University have?
Ans: The university has more than 800 computers.
xii) How many staff members does this University have?
Ans: The University has more than 500 staff members.
xiii) What facility does this University provide to the female students?
Ans: The university provides pick and drop facility to female students.
xiv) In how many cities in Pakistan is this University offering study programmes?
Ans: The University is offering study programmes in four cities of Pakistan.
xv) Does it give any contact number?
Ans: No, it does not give any contact number.
xvi) To get more information whom would you contact?
Ans: We would contact admission officers to get more information.
Q:2 Answer the following questions by using your own knowledge:
i) Do you have a library in your school or near your home?
Ans: Yes, I have a library near my school.
ii) Do you read the Encyclopedia?
Ans: Yes, I read it to get information.
iii) Do you know what Encyclopedia means and what information des it provide to you?
Ans: It is a reference work that offers comprehensive information on all specialized areas of knowledge.
iv) Do you have computers in your library?
Ans: Yes, I have five computers in my library.

v) Have you ever used the computer for finding information?
Ans: I have used it many a time for finding information.

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