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Monday, March 9, 2009

LESSON 08 P1 --- Evening (Poem)

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The day is past, the sun is set,
And the white starts are in the sky;
While the long grass with dew is wet,
And through the air the bats now fly,
The lambs have now lain down to sleep,
The birds have long since sought their nests;
The air is still; and dark, and deep

On the hill side the old wood rests,
Yet, of the dark I have no fear,
But feel as safe as when it's light;
For I know God is with me there,
And He will guard me through the night
For God is by when I pray,
And when I close mine eyes in sleep,
I know that He will with me stay,
And will all night watch by me keep,
For he who rules the starts and sea,
Who makes the grass and trees to grow,
Will look on a poor child lie me,
When on my knees I to him bow,
He holds all things in His right hand,
The rich, the poor, the great, the small;
When we sleep, or sit, or stand,
Is with us, for He loves us all…
(Thomas Miller)
The poet, in this poem, describes his feelings when the evening sets in and a gloomy darkness fills the whole atmosphere. But the poet is not afraid because he remembers God all the time. God will be with him while he sleeps. God will protect him because he prays to Him. God loves all His creatures: the rich, the poor, the great and the small. Since God is love, we also must love one another and remove hatred from this world. Only then there will be peace and love everywhere.
Q:1 Answer these questions.
i) How does the poet describe the evening in the first stanza?
Ans: The poet says that the sun has set in. The gloomy darkness has filled the whole atmosphere. But the poet is not afraid of darkness because he remembers God all the time God is powerful. God rules the stars and the sea. He made the grass and the trees. The long grass has become wet with dew. In the silent evening the bats are flying.
ii) What do the lambs and birds do when the evening sets in?
Ans: When the evening sets in, the lambs lie down to sleep and the birds get into their nests.
iii) Why is the poet not afraid o f darkness?
Ans: He believes that God is with him all the time and protects him. Therefore, he is not afraid of the darkness.
iv) Who rules the starts and the sea?
Ans: God Almighty rules the stars and the sea.
v) Who makes the grass and trees grow?
Ans: God Almighty grows the grass and trees.
vi) How does the poet bow before God?
Ans: The poet bows on his knees before God.
vii) How does God treat all people? How are the people described in the poem?
Ans: God loves all his people equally. The people are rich, poor, great and small.
viii) What is the theme of the poem?
Ans: The poet conveys the message that we should love one another and abolish hatred from this world.
Q:2 (i) Point out the rhyming words in each stanza?
Example: 'set' in line 1 is rhymed with 'wet' in line 3.
Ans: Set-wet, sky-fly, sleep-deep, nests-rests, fear-there, light-night, pray-stay, sleep-keep, sea-me, grow-bow, hand-stand, small-all..
(ii) Try to make sentences of the rhyming words.
Note: The rhyming words come at the end of the line in the poem.

Set ---- The sun sets in the west.
Wet --- My handkerchies is wet.
Sky ---- The stars are shining in the sky.
Fly ---- Birds fly in the air.
Sleep -- She sleeps in the room.
Deep -- The well is very deep.
Nests -- Birds make nests.
Rests -- Aslam rests in the evening.
Fear --- He fears of me.
There - There is no body in the room.
Light -- We can read in the moon light.
Night -- We sleep at night.
Pray --- I pray five times a day.
Stay --- Please, stay here for some time.
Sleep -- He sleeps on the roof.
Keep -- I keep the pen in my pocket.
Sea --- Pearls are found in the sea.
Me ---- Please, show me your pen.
Grow - We grow wheat.
Bow --- I bow only before God.
Hand - It is my right hand.
Stand - I will stand by you through thick and thin.
Small - He has a small house.
All ---- All is well that ends well.

Note: The rhyming words come at the end of the line in the poem.
Q:3 Write "T" for true statement and "F" for false statement.
i) The day is past and the sun does not set. - F

ii) In the evening the bats fly in the air. - T

iii) The birds have gone to their nests for rest. - T

iv) In darkness I do not feel safe. - F

v) I pray to God before I sleep. - T

vi) God rules the stars and seas. - T

Q:4 Read the poem carefully and write short answers to the following questions:
i) Name the heavenly bodies mentioned in the first stanza.
Ans: There are only two heavenly bodies mentioned in the first stanza (i) the sun and (ii) the white stars.
ii) Which animal is mentioned in the second stanza?
Ans: Name of the animals mentioned in the second stanza, is the lamb.
iii) How does the poet feel in the dark in the third stanza?
Ans: The poet is not afraid of the dark. He feels himself as safe in the dark as in the light. Since he knows that God in with him all the time and he will guard him through the dark or night.
iv) How does the poet communicate with God?
Ans: The poet communicates with god by describing beauties of the nature such as the sun. The moon the stars, the sea, the sky, the frees and the grass. He also remembers (communicates). Almighty Allah when he closes his eyes in sleep. When he raises hands for prayer and when he bows down on his knees as he knows that God is with him all the time.
v) What is mentioned growing in the fifth stanza?
Ans: There is mentioned growing of the grass and the trees in the fifth stanza.
vi) Write the kinds of people mentioned in the last stanza?
Ans: The poet has mentioned four kinds of the people in the last stanza i.e. the rich, the poor, the great and the small.
Note: Heavenly bodies: the earth, sun, stars, planets etc.
Q:5 Match with the opposites:
Rich ----------------------- Poor
Left ----------------------- Right
Dark ---------------------- Light
Wet ----------------------- Dry
Now ---------------------- Then
Find ---------------------- Lose


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