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Monday, March 9, 2009

LESSON 22 P1 --- Road Safety

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It is a sad fact of the modern life that in our big cities, thousands of men, women and children die every year in road accidents. And the number of those who are injured is great. Some, after medical treatment, recover but many are crippled for life.

It is really very tragic. Most of the road side accidents occur either because of the ignorance of traffic rules of inability to read and follow the road signs, or out of sheet carelessness of the road users. Traffic rules apply to every body who is on the road either as a motor driver or as a pedestrian.
Road safety helps all of us. It does not matter whether we walk or ride a bicycle, driver a scooter or a car. Our actions and those of others on the road are responsible for our health and our life
The traffic on the roads has increased much because of over population. Previously our cities were not so overcrowded as they are now. There will be less roadside accidents if there are less people on the road, whether they are on bus, car, motorcycle or tonga.
The traffic accidents are the fault of those people who do not notice what is going on around them and who do not care for their fellow human beings. If people drive more slowly, look around them and take notice of the effects of their actions on others, accidents can be avoided, lives can be saved and injuries can be avoided. In other words if people, as a whole, had more traffic sense, all of us would be much safer on the road.
Accidents are mostly caused by people. Someone may walk on the road without looking around and be hit by a motor cycle. A cyclist may try and turn right from the left hand traffic lane and be knocked over by a minibus. Children may be playing in a busy street and not be aware of a fast approaching car. As soon as you leave your home you are at a risk. You can make the risk less if you follow some simple rules:
i) Always be careful about what is going around you.
ii) Do not walk on the road if there is a footp9ath.
iii) Take care while crossing the road. Look both ways and keep looking all the way across.
iv) Use the zebra crossing while crossing the road.
i) When cycling or driving, use the left hand lane except when you are overtaking.
Many big cities in Pakistan have electric traffic lights. If there is red light, driver must stop, and quietly wait and keep an eye o n the lights. When the light turns yellow, they must get ready without moving their vehicle, but when it changes to green they must move on. Anybody who fails to follow these traffic lights may cause a road side accident and kill himself and others who were correctly following the traffic signals.
Q:1 Answer the following questions.
i) What are the main causes of traffic accidents?
Ans: The main causes of accidents on the roads are (a) fast driving (b) carelessness (c) ignorance of traffic rules.
i) How can we avoid accidents?
Ans: We can avoid accidents if we …..
(a) Look out what is going on around us.
(b) Do not walk on the road.
© Take care while crossing the road.
ii) What is the importance of the traffic lights?
Ans: Traffic lights regulate the flow of traffic and save us from accidents.
Q:2 A pronoun is a word that is used instead of a noun such as I, you, she, someone etc. Use the following words in the given sentences. (some, somebody, someone)
i) Somebody is watching us.
ii) Somebody must tell the police.
iii) Somebody took my bicycle away.
iv) Some children do not like milk.
v) Will Someone come to help me?

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