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Monday, March 9, 2009

LESSON 19 P1 --- Knowledge is Light

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Knowledge is Light
"God gives dignity and makes high in rank those of you who believe, and those who are given knowledge." (The Holy Quran)
"Seek knowledge though you may have to travel to China." (Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).
Man is the central figure of the universe. When he is equipped with knowledge he proves to be a wonder. Knowledge strengthens our belief. Knowledge of all kind that is beneficial to humanity should be acquired with zeal. It has been beautifully summed up in the Holy Quran, "In the creation of the heaven and the earth, in the alternations of day and night, in the ships that sail and benefit the men, in the clouds, in the rain – there are signs for those who think, understand and believe".
Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) laid great stress on seeking knowledge. He raised the degree of learning seventy times higher than prayer. He declared that the faith of a person who pays respect to another for his wealth and not for knowledge is defective. Wealth has to be protected whereas knowledge protects man. There is no end to the supply of knowledge stored in a mind.
God created the universe to serve as a manifestation of His light. He brought into existence man and gave him the will to choose between good and evil.
Allah has given man the freedom to choose the path he desires. He has put forth before man, options of good and evil. It is for man to choose the right path. It leads us to Allah. In our prayers, five times a day, we the Muslims, pray to Allah to show us the right path. The path of those on whom He has showed His blessings and not of those who aroused His wrath.
Nothing in this universe has been created without any purpose. Everything has a purpose and meaning in it for man to understand and admire Allah.
For about a thousand years, the Muslims were the torchbearers of knowledge. This was a glorious achievement. The Muslims preserved the entire ancient heritage and then passed it on to modern Europe together with their own great contributions. Islam was a dominant force in Spain for about eight hundred years. The modern European civilization which dominates the world today owes a great deal to Islam.
Great universities grew up in the Muslim world particularly in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Spain.
The light of these universities shone far beyond the Muslim world. It drew students and scholars of all religions from East and West who came to learn the great disciplines taught in these universities.
The Muslim scholars and writers made great contributions in the subjects of History, Geography, Mathematics, Algebra, Astronomy and Chemistry as well as Literature and the Arts.
In his book "History of the World", H.G. Wells is of the opinion that it was through the Muslims that the modern world was introduced to the two disciplines, called Humanities and Sciences which unraveled the marvelous wonders of this universe.
Q:1 Answer the following questions.
i) What is the status of wealth and material goods as compared to knowledge in Islam?
Ans: In Islam the status of wealth and material goods as compare with knowledge is very low.
The Holy Prophet (PBUH) declared that the faith of a person who pas respect to another for his wealth and not for know ledged is defective.
ii) How has Islam helped the Western countries in developing the sciences?
Ans: Islam preserved the Greek heritage and passed it on to the western countries with its contributions.
iii) In what fields have the Muslim scholars made great contributions?
Ans: Muslim scholars have made great contributions to Geography, Mathematics, Algebra, Astronomy, History, Chemistry, Literature and Arts.
Q:2 Use the correct word in each of these sentences:
i) No body (seem, seems) to know about it.
ii) The colour of her eyes (is, are) blue.
iii) What (do, does) they mean?
iv) There (is, are) many people living here.
v) What is (such, this)?
vi) Who is (those, there)?
vii) Pakistan's (mane, main) cities are Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and many more.
viii) What is the (official, original) language of Pakistan?
ix) Tell your (sun, son) to behave well.
i) The boy told a sad (tale, tail)

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