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Monday, March 9, 2009

LESSON 17 P1 --- Truth – the Best (Poem)

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Truth _ The Best
Yesterday Rebecca Mason,
In the parlour by herself,
Broke a handsome China basin,
Placed upon the mantelshelf,
Quite alarmed, she thought of going
Very quiet away,
Not a single person knowing
Of her being there that day,
But Rebecca recollected,
She was taught deceit to shun;
And the moment she reflected,
Told her mother what was done;
Who commended her behaviour,
Loved her better, and forgave her
(Elizabeth Turner)
Sometimes we get into a difficult situation and thinking of no way out, we seek safety in lying. But simple truth always proves the best defence. Rebecca was forgiven by her mother for breaking the China basin because she had not lied to her mother but had confessed her mistakes or fault.
Q:1 Answer these questions.
i) Write the main idea of the first two stanzas in your own words.
Ans: Sometimes we fall into difficult situation where we have no way out and we seek safety in lying only..
ii) What makes Rebecca change her mind as contained in the last two stanzas of the poem?
Ans: She planned to slip away from the spot and not accept its responsibility. At he sometimes she remembered that she was taught not to deceive her parents. She at once changed her mind and told her mother what was done.
iii) What lesson do you learn from this poem?
Ans: This poem teaches us a lesson that in a position how critical may be, we should not seek support by telling a lie. But simple truth always proves the best defence.
Q:2 In stanza 1 the words 'Mason' and 'basin' are rhymed. Write the other rhyming words in the poem.
Ans: Away – day, recollected – reflected, shun –done, going – knowing, herself - mantelshelf
Q:3 Who is addressed in the following lines?
"Who commended her behavior
Loved her better, and forgave her."
Ans: Here Rebecca Mason's mother is addressed. She forgave Rebecca for speaking the truth. She also praised her.
Q:4 Tell five natural qualities of the addressee.
Ans: She is truthful, honest, simple, trustworthy and wise.



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