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Monday, March 9, 2009

LESSON 05 P1 --- Rural and Urban Life in Pakistan

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Rural and Urban life in Pakistan
Suddenly a voice came from the dining table one fine day. "Today we shall take Hamid to the Liberty Market." Hamid had come from his village to visit his uncle in Lahore during summer holidays. The whole family got ready quickly and set out in a car for the liberty Market. Hamid was very happy and was enjoying city life with his cousins Nadir and Haris. He was much thrilled and had many questions in his mind. He was looking here and there in amazement. At last he spoke, "There is a great difference in the village life and the city life."
Uncle Jameel told Hamid that the urban life is much different from the rural life. There is a great hustle and bustle in a city. Hundreds of cars, buses, trucks, rickshaws and motor bikes are seen running on the roads. There are some animal driven carts and tongas too. Most of the people in the cities are either government servants or they have private jobs. In fact, people of all the professions live and work here. Cemented houses, shopping markets, officers, schools, colleges, universities, banks and parks are found everywhere. Mud houses are very rare. Nearly every house has water, gas, electricity and telephone connection. City bus service is available on very cheap rates. Wagons, taxis, rickshaws and tongas are also used for transportation.
They reached the Liberty Market and parked their car at a parking place, and entered the market.
"Nadir, it is so difficult to walk over there," said Hamid, "we must hold each other's hands so that we may not get lost."
Hamid looked at the departmental stores with big and well decorated shops. He said, "These shops are wonderful. I have never seen such huge, beautiful and well decorated stores before this."
Uncle Jameel told the children that a large number of villagers migrate to the cities and towns particularly after the crop season is over. The farmers and traders are attracted to these places. Here, they can work and earn lots of money. Many educated people who belong to nearby villages, prefer to settle in big cities.
Sometimes, due to limited housing facilities the rural and city folks both face a lot of problems. The urban life is a very busy life. One has to run with the time. This shows sharp contrast with the rural life style where one has enough time to sit together and enjoy 'gupshup'.
The smoke from chimneys, buses and trucks has badly polluted the city atmosphere. Another major problem in the cities is noise pollution. The loud music and frequent use of pressure horns in the crowded areas cause hearing problems. The fast and unruly traffic is causing serious accidents everyday. The only way to avoid all this is to visit some park, riverside, garden or a historical place.
There are a large number of government private hospitals and clinics. They have the latest equipments, and highly qualified staff of doctors, nurses and their assistants. A large number of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities have been opened in the cities.
Haris: "There are places of entertainment like theatres, cinemas, museums, zoo and a number of places of historical importance."
Hamid: "Now I will tell you about the rural life. The rural areas consists of small villages. The inhabitants are mostly farmers and handicraft workers and other ordinary vendors. They are simple, honest and hardworking people. They live in mud houses with no separate kitchen and bathroom.
Drinking water, fuel, gas and electricity are the most rare facilities. Some of the villages, which are closer to a big town or city have the facility of electricity. Health care units, schools, post offices, banks and roads are very few and located at great distances. However, nature is quite open, abundant and generous. Fresh air, vegetables and fruit are readily available. Orchards, gardens and lush green fields present a pleasant and cooling sight to the eyes.
A person feels peaceful among green trees and plants. The farmers, tenants and other workers provide grains, cotton, vegetables and fruit of all kinds to the whole nation. Use of tractors, threshers and fertilizer by the farmers is common. Some poor farmers are compelled to use the old farming methods use to lack of funds. A large quantity of selected variety of agricultural produce is exported to earn foreign exchange for the country.
It can easily be observed that the city life has its own attractions whereas the rural life has its own charms. However, problems are everywhere, which can be solved with education and honest work.
Q:1 Use the following words in your own sentences.

Rural, urban, amazement, compared with, inhabitants, decorate, wonderful, permanent
Fresh air, pure food and peaceful atmosphere of rural life makes it lovable.
I like urban life for its modern facilities.
The child was seeing his toys in amazement.
Compare urban life with rural life.
The house was burnt but the inhabitants were saved.
The Muslims decorate their houses to celebrate the Eid-Miladun Nabi.
The scenery of Murree is wonderful.
Good deeds give us permanent happiness.

Q:2 Translate the following paragraph into Urdu.
Not Necessary
Q:3 Write ten sentences about the rural life.
Ans: Village life is quite different from city life. It is free from the problems and troubles we have in the city. Pure air, pure food and pure atmosphere is available in the village. It is quite noiseless. There are no factories in a village which may disturb us. There is no traffic of cars, buses and other vehicles to confuse us. The sounds that we hear in the village are mostly those of birds and animals and carts, moving along dusty roads. The voices of the villagers are at times heard in the streets or in the fields. There are green crops around the villages. We find fresh and clean air, free from the smoke of factories, buses and machines. But the inner parts of the villages are not clean.
Q:4 Write ten sentences about the urban life.
Ans: Life in a city is very fast. It has all the facilities and comforts of modern civilization. People seem in a hurry Everything is available in a city. You can have every luxury provided you have money. People living in villages are attracted by the comforts of city life. They come to the city in search of employment. There is a tendency of transfer of population from a village to the city which results in increase of population in cities. It gives rise to many problems like lack of accommodation over crowdedness and unemployment.
Q:5 Active Voice
Nadir had read the book
Passive Voice
The book had been read by Nadir.
i) Change into Passive Voice.
(a) Open the door. (Active Voice)
Let the door be opened. (Passive Voice)
(b) He opened the door. (Active Vioce)
The door was opened by him. (Passive Voice)
© He spoke a few words. (Active Voice)
A few words were spoken by him. (Passive Voice)
Passive Voice
He was given some money by his father.
Active Voice:
His father given some money by his father.
ii) Change into Active Voice.
(a) A letter was written by Kamran to his wife. (Passive Voice)
Kamran wrote a letter to his wife. (Active Voice)
(b) My breakfast has been prepared by my mother. (Passive Voice)
My mother has prepared my breakfast. (Active Voice)
© Songs are sung by her. (Passive Voice)
She sings songs. (Active Voice)
(d) Students are taught by teachers. (Passive Voice)
Teachers teach students. (Active Voice)
(e) An essay was written by him. (Passive Voice)
He wrote an essay. (Active Voice)
(f) The bicycle was repaired by him. (Passive Voice)
He repaired the bicycle. (Active Voice)
Q:1 Fill in the blanks with appropriate words?
i) Today we shall take Hamid to Liberty Market.
ii) He was very thrilled and had many questions in his mind.
iii) Most of the people in cities are either government servants or they have private jobs.
iv) Many educated people who belong to nearby villages, prefer to settle in big cities.
v) Now I will tell you about the rural life.
Q:2 Encircle the correct answers of the following Multiple Choice Questions?
i) There is a great _________ in village life and city life.
(a) diference (b) difference (c) difference (d) differences
ii) Hamid looked never before well decorated _______
(a) rikshaws (b) tongas (c) people (d) shops
iii) Mud houses are very ______________
(a) real (b) rare (c) roar (d) rear
ii) The major problem of the cities is __________
(a) illiteracy (b) ignorance (c) pollution (d) animal
iii) In the _________ we can see the things related our history and forefather's culture.
(a) zoo (b) museum (c) gardens (d) cinemas
vi) Wagons, taxis, rickshaws and tonga are also used for
(a) air service (b) transportation (c) shopping (d) amusement
vii) The whole family got ready quickly and set out in a car for ________ Market.
(a) Shahdara (b) Anarkali (c) Liberty (d) Shadman
viii) The urban life is a very __________ life.
(a) easy (b) busy (c) wonderful (d) strange
ix) Orchards, gardens and green fields present a pleasant sight to __________
(a) eyes (b) village (c) road (d) city
Q:3 Write "True" or "False"?
1. Illiteracy is the big problem in cities. - F
2. Urban life is much different from rural life. - T
3. Hamid was not enjoying the city life. - F
4. Rickshaws are very rare in cities. - F
5. All education people belong to nearby village. - F
6. Another major problem in the cities is noise pollution. - T
7. The rural areas comprise of big villages.
8. A person feels peaceful in green trees and plants. - T
Q:4 Match the column "A" with column "B" and write your answer in column "C".

_________A ______________B _______________C
1 Houses made ------------- are very rare ---------- of bricks
2 Mud houses are ---------- wonderful -------------- are very rare
3 These shops -------------- care units -------------- are wonderful
4 The urban life is ---------- fields ------------------- very busy life
5 Health -------------------- fertilizer ---------------- care units
6 Lush green --------------- everywhere ------------- fields
7 Threshers and ------------ very happy life ---------- fertilizers
8 Problems are ------------- of bricks ----------------- everywhere
Q:5 Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences?
1) here was looking and there with amazing eyes he.
Ans: He was looking here and there with amazing eyes.
2) available on very cheap rates city bus service is.
Ans: City bus service is available on very cheap rates.
3) the market entered then they.
Ans: They then entered the market.
4) bus life is a very a urban the.
Ans: The urban life is a very busy life.
5) plants persons feels green peaceful in and a trees.
Ans: A person feels peaceful in green trees and plants.
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