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Monday, March 9, 2009

LESSON 03 P1 --- Kindness to Living Things

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Kindness is a great virtue. God is love and the best prayer to God is the love of His creation.
Kindness benefits both, the giver and the receiver. Kind words and kind deeds are a sure way of winning God's grace. The best and the easiest way of pleasing God is to serve mankind by wiping the tears of others in grief and sorrow. We can serve humanity through kind words of comfort, by feeding the hungry and cheering the depressed.
"Little deeds of kindness
Little deeds of love,
Make this earth an Eden,
Like the Heaven above"

All religions of the world have preached love and kindness to all living things. Kindness is not confined to human beings alone, but to all living things also. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) warned people against cruelty to animals. He advised his people to treat them with kindness. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) used to relate to his companions the instance of a Jewish woman. She was punished by God for starving her cat to death. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) also used to relate another story of a woman who found a dog dying of thirst. She took off her shoe and lowered it into a nearby well and drew water from it. She gave it to the thirsty dog to drink. This good deed earned her God's forgiveness for all her previous sins.
Animal serve us in various ways. Horses, mules and donkeys are used for pulling carts on which things are transported from one place to another. Cows and goats give milk on which small children feed. We should be kind to animals, birds and even small insects, like a firefly or a bee.

Abdullah bin Masud (RA) relates, "While we were on a journey in the company of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) we saw two young doves sitting in a nest. We caught the young baby birds. When their mother returned to the nest she began to fly wildly round the nest". When Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) arrived at the spot and came to know the incident, he (SAWW) said, "if any one of you has caught the birds, he must release them at once to comfort the mother bird."

Abdullah bin Masud (RA) relates that on another occasion they placed some straw on an anthill and set fire to it. They wer cursed by Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).
Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said that animals should not be branded on the face as it is a very sensitive part of the body. If at all the animal is to be branded, it should be branded on its back.
A universal law has been introduced to stop the killing of animals or treating them cruelly. There is a "Word Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals". A universal law prevents killing and hunting of animals for personal hunt. This shows the concern of this society for preventing animals from the cruelty of man.

Q:1 Answer the question.
i) Write a few lines on "Kindness is a great virtue."
Ans: Kindness is a great virtue. A kind person loves man, birds and animals. He loves and serve every one and God loves him. Therefore, kindness is a great virtue.
ii) Why should we be kind to animals and birds? Do they serve us? If so, in what ways?
Ans: Animals and birds serve us in different ways. We get milk and meat from animals. We use animals for transportation. Birds amuses in various ways. In view of all these services we should be kind to animals.
iii) Write an instance that you may have read about kindness to animals from the life of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).
Ans: Once Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) saw a man treating his camel cruelly. The Holy Prophet (SAWW) came back to his home. He could not sleep that might. The next day the Holy Prophet (SAWW) met that man, purchased that camel and set it free.
Imagine that you have a small zoo which you have made at home. You plan to keep birds and some domestic animals in it. You want people to be nice to your pets and not to tease them.
Make eight rules for the people who come to look at your aquarium o r the cages of birds and animals. (four for the birds and four for the animals)
Rule No. 1 Do not scare the animals.
2 Do not hit the birds with pebbles.
3. Feed banana to the monkey.
4. Do not throw banana or other peels at the animals etc. etc
Five rules for animals:
1) Do not throw things at the animals.
2) Feed ground nuts and bananas to monkeys.
3) Do not tease animals any way.
4) Keep away from cages of animals.
5) Be kind to animals and give them to eat what they like.
Five rules for birds:
1) Feed guava to parrots.
2) Do not frighten birds.
3) Do not throw harmful things in cages.
4) Give birds to eat what they like.
5) Be kind to birds and do not make a noise near their cages.
Imagine your friend has got some new birds and animals in addition to his pets. You want to know some details about these new arrivals.
Write him a letter expressing all you want to say or find out about them. Also express that you plan to make a small zoo and ask for your friend's advice.

Dear friend,
Assalam-o-Elaikum; How are you? I am fine and I wish you a happy life. I came to know through dear uncle tat you have got some new birds and animals as addition to your pets. Please write me some necessary details about these new guests of your small zoo. What are their names and habits? I also plan to make a small zoo. Please give me some advice in this respect. Which animals should I keep in my zoo? From where can I get these animals? What should I give them to eat?
I am waiting for your reply anxiously. Say my 'Salam' to dear uncle and aunt.
Your loving Friend,
There are three degrees of comparisons
The positive e.g. tall.
The comparative e.g. taller.
And the superlative e.g. tallest.
If an adjective has 'e' at the end we add r or st. e.g.
Large ................................. Larger ................................ Largest
Brave ................................. Braver ................................ Bravest
For adjectives of one or two syllables we add 'er' to make comparative or second degree and 'est' for making superlative of an adjective or third degree. e.g.
Tall Taller Tallest
Long .................................. Longer ................................. Longest
Small ................................. Smaller ................................ Smallest

There are a number of adjectives which are changed to comparative and superlative degrees as e.g.
Good .................................. Better ................................... Best
Much ................................. More ..................................... Most

Remember that we use the comparative degree to compare two things. e.g.
This is a better place than that one or which is the better of these two books?
The superlative degree is used for more than two things. We use 'the' before the superlative degree. e.g.
Islam is the best religion or
December is the coldest month.
Q:2 Supply the most suitable form of the following adjectives in the blanks.
i) I have many friends but my brother is my ----- friend. (good, better, best)
ii) Amar is 5 feet tall.
Azam is 5.1 inches tall.
Aman is 5.2 inches tall.
Who is the ---------- of the three friends? (tall, taller, tallest)
iii) K2 is the ------------ peak in Pakistan (high, higher, highest)
iv. Amer got 95 marks, Arshad got 80 marks and Aslam got 75 marks in English. Who got the ----------- marks? (high, higher, highest)
Q:3 Match part of the sentence in column 'A' with the relevant part of the sentence of column 'B' to make a complete sentence.
Kindness is a great (1) A
milk. (4) B
A universal law (2) A
branded on the face. (3) B
Animal should not be (3) A
in many ways. 6 B
Cows and goats give us (4) A
branded on haunches. (5) B
The animals can be (5) A
prevents hunting and killing of animals and birds. (2) A
Animals serve us (6) A
is love. (7) B
God (7) A
virtue. (1) B


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